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We are fully committed to taking care of your fur babies. Your pet wellbeing is our top priority!

At NYC guardians we provide all the attention, respect, and love that they require and deserve. 


Call or email us to schedule our services!

We are known for creating a bond of friendship with our guardians.
We prioritize great communication with our clients and individual attention to each pet under our care. Our goal is that your furry children feel comfortable and at ease with our team members. Our team consist of animal lovers, who fully understand the responsibility and trust they have been given. We care about the happiness, comfort, safety and well-being of each of our guardians. 

About us


Our Story

Hey! My name is Eliana Galeano and this is the story of how I got inspired to create NYC Guardians...My life changed completely when I locked eyes with a stray dog and decided to adopt him. My baby Toby provided unconditional happiness, from the moment I brought him home. He knows when I am coming home, and is always so excited to see me! He jumps to greet me with all the love in the world. He also knows when I am not feeling well, and he lays his head over my legs to get my attention. His eyes stare into mine saying "don't be sad I am here for you". He taught me what true love really means. Toby is a calm and loyal dog but can also be very jealous and territorial. He never fails to scan his surrounding to protect me. Welcoming Toby in my life, made me realize how much I enjoy taking care of animals. With a simple commitment to my furry child, I had found my passion and decided to dedicate myself to animal welfare. I am a strong believer in animal rights and treating them with respect and dignity. One of my favorite charity to support, is an animal rescue foundation that helps the street cats and dogs in Colombia: @fundaciondejandohuella.


In 2021, with the help of this foundation, my husband and I decided to expand our family, and adopt another doggie. We fell in love with a 3 legged dog, who we named Tinker (short for Tinkerbell). She came into our lives to complete our beautiful family. She is perfect! Tinker is very loving, and her disability does not stop her from enjoying a full life along with her brother Toby. In fact, she is faster than Toby, and runs faster than a train without breaks!

We are infinitely grateful that we have Tinker and Toby in our lives!


As pet owner ourselves, we know how hard it is to find trusting caretaker for our pets so we decided to train a team of pet sitters and walkers, who have the same passion for animal welfare as we do, to provide our services. We aim to provide the best quality of care to ensure your babies are happy and enjoying themselves, whether in their private walk or socializing in our group activities. During my 10  years of experience caring for animals and 6 years as a dog-walker, I have identified the needs of pets and their owners. I pride myself, and my team in taking care of your fur babies as if they are our own. Our goal is to create peace of mind for our clients and ensure that all our pets are cared for with exceptional love, attention, and with their safety in mind while you are away.

Your pet wellbeing is our top priority!

NYC GUARDIANS is fully bonded and insured by Petcare Insurance. We do everything we can to make sure your pup is safe and happy during their time with us.

Lucy & Kensie
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